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Friday, May 27, 2016

Piece by piece

Piece by piece

Piece by piece, the chisel takes my flesh
Piece by piece
My heart, my soul
Piece by piece
I am losing myself
I stare into my mind and see myself full of holes
It chips and takes more
I see around me, rest, life and fullness
Piece by piece for the gain
I see less of me
While they grow

Heather Smith May 27, 2016

Been a long time

Wow, well here I am. It has been a long time since I have been on here.

My older blogs, I was having a good head shake at my grammar and writing style. I would like to think, it is much better now. 

Well, during my extreme hiatus, I have gone to college and attained my Certificate for MOA. Even though my job isn't in the medical field, I work with the Metropolitan Regional Housing Authority. Also to add, I am now in another relationship that is now in its 5th year. Yes, it is better.

I am now a grandmother to 3 lovely grandchildren and a mommy to a furbaby, which is an Amstaff/Shepard mix, who is very content on my couch for the night. All snuggled with his puppy blanket. Ha-Ha

My man is sleeping in his chair, and I don't know how he does it. I need to be spread out as much as possible laying flat. Awwww, he looks so cute! ;)

Pheww, I suddenly became very warm. I have had a headache for a few hours also, not sure if it is my age or a flu is coming on. Not sure which is better? ;)

Well, I may stay and just write for myself. Doesn't matter if anyone doesn't read and if anyone does, that is OK too.

Peace and love,


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Birdie loves her plumage!

I must tell you about this,what I think is a chickadee is hanging around my door.Awhile back we tore down a wall with mirrors and they are still hanging around outside under the step.

Please don't mind the mess and the shape of the ladus,hopefully that will be fixed up this summer.

I woke up this morning and was putting the dog out for his piddle and I was hearing this lil squeak squeak. Was thinking,now what is that noise? Just put the dog out and got Makayla ready for school,blah blah blah...

As we were ready to go out the door,was hearing it again,those cute lil squeaks. Looked out and this lil chickadee looking at herself and fluttering around the mirrors. She did this all day! Just left around 6:30 for the night.
She even looked at her new best friend in the pouring rain, just gave herself a lil shake here and there.

Well I had to take a video of it and wanted to share it with yahs.Hope you enjoy it.


Here is a link,just in case you cannot see the one below.


Still here

Just sick with whatever,will be going to docs tomorrow to see what is up.Think I just need some antibiotics.

Alot of headaches,cough,sore throat,all that fun stuff.

Soon I will be back and hopfully I will have something worth while to read..... *sigh*

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hi everyone

I am still around, just don't have much to talk about right now. Been feeling a bit bleck that past few days,think I may be getting a sore throat along with it. O yay!

I have just finished painting my kitchen and putting new floor down,previously I had a brown and burgandy kitchen! The brown looked like baby poop....


It is all nice and bright now, just have to get new counter top,but that will be another time.Been asking for a money tree...but the trees don't seem to want to give it. Tsk!

Hope all is well for who ever pops in.

Heather xo

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Great news!

I have great news regarding my son Matthew!

He will be getting ABA therpy for autistic children,this is very intensive teaching and something I could have never been able to afford on my own.

I tell you this is an answer to my prayers!

The two ladies have been working in the home for about a month or so and have noticed Matthew has been trying to speak. Also he has been getting the beginning of some words out! And signing too.

I fully believe in God and he has many loving being out there,that do help us. I am very thankful to them all.